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- Operational System Weaknesses, then repair them.

LE AN Manufacturing,
.. Management Action

... Management Accounting

Lean Manufacturing & Management Action:

  1. "GO LEAN" Master Planning.                                  "Better methods, better results"
  2. Training in Kaizen and PDCA                                   "Go lean to go far in business"
  3. Showing you "Cost-Half".
  4. Goals deployment and achievement.
  5. Lean Customer Relations.
  6. Management Accounting, Cost Accounting


  • Strategic planning.
  • Governance and Boards.
  • Change Management!
  • Operational auditing.
  • Financial Cost Planning & Control. 

PDCA is the cornerstone of Lean:

  • PDCA:  Plan, Do, Check, Act.
  • Deep reflection, 5W's and 5-Whys.
  • Finding solutions with team brainstorming

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